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Pallava Dynasty, Mamallar and Devendra Kulam

Pallava Dynasty who ruled allmost seven hundred years and three quarters of area of modern India is a mystery in Tamilnadu and Indian history. There is no such indegeneous dynasty ruled for seven centuries with glory and fame while comparing to Pallava dynasty of Indian orgin. Thus, Pallavas orgin and glory are questionable to every modern history writters. Every one from elite gotra to lower gotra claims that Pallava are of their own gotra or clan.

The elegant claims are from Bharadwaja gotra, Pahlava of Iranian, Sakas of Schethyan, Rashtrakutta of Decan, Ceylonese orgin of Mahavamsha, even Palndu battle suggests that Pallava are from Telugu rulers of Andhra, Kuruba of Kannada Origin, Kurumbas of Tamil, Bhramanical-Khastriyan orgin of Vakatakas of north India, Thondai nadu of Tamils and even today lowest caste of Tamil, Devendra Kulathar claims that Pallavas were of their orgin who usually used the title as Mamallar. Let us analyze these claims and who were Pallavas

Pahlava Of Iran

There was no doubt that Iranians descendent occupy the highest position either in moguls time or modern India . Most of the Aryans were of the Iranian descendents and no doubt they occupied western part not through war by slower immigration to India as farm workers and palace servants who learned politics and administration and became master of India today.The history said, whoever bought Indian kings and dynasty, it was of white hunans of Mangolian and Chinese origns and Sakas of Schytheans. But not of Aryans. Hunas and Sakas came to India after the death of Christ, where as Aryan came to India at all times slowly by supporting the mighty and showing the fingers against local Idians. Pahlava, once they learned the wars and politics started politics and conquered western parts and they didn't reach to deccan since there was a great opposition from Sakas and Hunas. Pahlavas lost their identity with Hunans and Sakas and joined with them .Both, Hunas and Sakas used their caste heirarchi, priest hood and administrative knowledge to control the local Indians. There was no question that phalavas of Iran came to deccan and settled down. It was the synanyous name of Pallavas and Pahlava. Otherwise no trace of Iranian In southern part of India.If any exists it was due to sultans of Mysore during 18th centuries, not from 3rd century to 9th century after Christ

Therfore Pallavas were descendent of Pahlava of Iran was a false

Are Pallavas a Bhramanical -Khastriya, Bharadwaja Gotra orgin

The claim is that Pallavas are of descendent of Vakatas of north and was Bharadwaja gotra who was son of Great Doronacharia of Mahabharatha. As per their claim that Ashvathama Bharadwaja married princes of Naga, one of Dravidian branches. Thus settled down in southern part of Bharatham and were called Pallavas.Rayakotta copper plates identify and acknoledge these claims. The point to bear here is that if Rayakotta copper plate was true, how come a Bhraminical leaneage accepts themselves as Dravidean title where bhramanical conversion was too great at the time of Mahabaratha war. How come Skandasisya, a descendent or son of Ashvatham proclaimed that he was a Pallava and why he didnot claim that he was of Bharatwaja gotra of Bhramanic . The same copper plate insceription didn't estab lish any credential that Pallavas were of Bharadwaja gotra. It was Snanskrit scholar who mis understood that Skanadasisya was a name and son of Ashvathama. Sisya in Tamil means student or devotee and Skanda means, Kanda, Karthikeya, Lord Muruga. So, Skandasisya means follower and devotees of lord Kanda or Muruga.Skandasisya nowhere a pronown. There was a name left out before Skandasisya in copper plate or removed from it to prove that Skandasisya was a name.Most of the Sanskrit schalors deliriously omit this truth that they don't want to accept or address that they were a great mixture of dravidean tribes.They wanted to proove that they were indigeous tribe and don't accept that Dravidean are their masters.

Now once we analyze why Pallavas were pro Bhraman than his own clan of Dravidean?. Is it not a great question before us. Defenitely, Iamgine there were great non bhraman dynasty thrown out of power like Nanada. The great nanda dynasty was threw out of power by bhramin inteligent Chanakya and latter grand son of Great Ashoka was murederd by his bhraman senathipathi, Pushaya mitra and took over whole kingdom under bhraman rules, dictated, killed, abondoned many tribes who were opposing bhramanical rule and ordered that education was only for two sects-Bhramans and Khastriya. Others who ever trying to learn were cut off their tongue and part of human bodies. This was the time that the bhramanical puranas were written to suite their interest. Latter every one scared to throw a challnege against these bhramans and kings.Over a few centuries literary and education were passed automatically to bhramans and great epics from other languages were destroyed and put on flame . In this circumstances Pallavas don't want to go against the will of bhramans and promoted the Adishankar to uplift the Hinduism.
Because no learned peroson of scholars from any other language and other than bhrams was available to him. His immediate ambition was to restore the glory of Hinduism and for pallavas, it was not the matter of bhraman or dravidean.Think, if there was no Pallavas, we can't see any Hinduism of any degree that exists to day. Since they believe as dravidean - Yathum Voore Yavarum kelir. Pallavas aim was to annexe as much area as possible and promote Hinduism. Wherever, they ruled, promoted Tamil in all temples in India not sanskrit though Adishankarar was very lenient toward Sanskrit.Rather pallavas gave permission to various mutt to scatter Hinduism irescptive of Sanskrit or Tamil. Many temples in Andhra, Karnataks, Maharashtra, Tamil poems are recipted till today due to the efforts of Pallava.
Therefore Rayakotta copper plate doesn't support that Pallavas were of Bhradwaja Gotra, a bhramin leaneage. It was the false claim of upper gotra to address Pallavas were their own clan as the claim of Lord Buddha as Bhramin and Hittler was Aryan as he used Swastic. Think there were similar name aroung europe and north america, Mallar and Palla among whites. It doesn't mean they were Indians. So the claim of Pallavas as the branch of Bhraman is ruled out It was the claim of extremist bhramans.

Scythyan of Sakas/ Huns Of Mangolian -Chinese

Mostly Scythians are confused with Europeans and Iranians. Many historians think that they were from eastern Iranian or Greeks. Greek Historian Horodotus skecthed the history of Scythians After the death and descendent of Alexander, the sakas or Scythians came to Punjab and Kashmir and established their strong holds. In short period Huns of Chinese white and Mangolean conquered them and throw out of power. But the Huns used them for administrative purpose. Both Huns and Scythian did not travel or conquered decan.The Hunas concentrated to muff the locals dynasty with the help of Sakas or Scythians.Scythian sttled down between 175 BC to 25 BC and Hunas arrived latter and conquered Scythians. In all their advanture their concentration were on western and northern part of India.

During the same time Three emperers of Tamils, Chera, Chola and Pandiya together made ashvamitha and conquered morians and found Panini to charter a grammer for Sanskrit with these three emporers supports . It was this great adventure that these Huns and Sakas didn't dare to chalenge these three kings or even any kings from deccan plateau.

Eighty years before Christ, (80BC) King Karikala Cholan conqurerd whole northern part of India, marched up to himalaya and named the Pass as Chola pass, currently it is existing.. Latter, Neduncheralathan, Nedunchelia pandiyan brough whole northen India under their rule. Cheran Senguttuvan Congurered Megadha King Kanaga Vijayan. Brought Himalaya Stone carried on their head to south to built Kanaki temples. This was witnessed by Veerabhatra of Ceylon,as stated in Mahavamsha of Ceylon.

The conclusion was that the Scythian and Hunas of north were terrorised the people of North India due to the difference among them. And they were not dare to challege the Tamils at any point of time in history. Therefore there was no question that Pallavas were descendent of Scythians and Hunas. As such there was no evidence in history. It was the interpretation of scholars of such descendent to pro claim as such the Pallavas were thier orgin

Telugu and Karnataka Of Pallavas

The claim was that the Rashtrakutta, Pulikesi of Karnataka and Pallavas were of the same clan.If it was true and believe that they fought against each other as siblings of same clan like Chera, Chola and Pandiya, how come these Pallavas spread in all places of deccan. Why not other dynasties.No one bear these name. The Gotra history said that the Pallavar Rishi was existence at one time of Indian history and their descendents were called Pallavar. This is not from me. It was from great Gotra sastra pandits facts and evidence. Hey there is still a Bogga community among Telugus. Pallava Bogga was the ruler of Telugu between Krishna river and down south. So, can we assume that Pallavas were descendent of Telugus. If it was true, who were Kalingas. Are they Oriyans or Tamils or Bengalis or Telugus.If Boggas of Telugu were great rulers, why there was no great kings to cite in Telugu country. Why they came down to Kanchivaram of Tamil. The questions here was that Pallavas travelled from down south to North, east or west or vise versa. Why they had chosen a dry or arid land Kanchivaram inspite of river valleys available and opent to them.

Think guys, If they (Pallavas)were of mighty Bhramanical gotra, Scythian or even Hunas orgin, why Pallavas choose the Kanchivaram, a semi arrid land of no use. It was not choosen by Pallavas, given by Cholas. Let us analyze this below.. So Pallavas were not of Karnataks or Telugus.

Thondai Nadu Of Pallavas

Historians knew that Pallavas were called Thondaman who ruled over Thondai nadu of Cholas above Chidambaram and below Nellore of Today Andhras. His country was called Thondaimandalam. Why this name came in existence. Let us walk through the history of Chola particularly Karikala Cholan who had many names. He, Karikalan remember as above that he conquered whole Himalaya and the Hill was named after him as Chola Pass as an evident of Karikala Cholan.Karikalan had a grand son called Thondi. Thondi had an illegal sexual affairs with palace dancer and musician woman whose community were considered as lower level. Grand dad, Karikan who came to knew this affairs and warned of his grand son Thondi as mostly the Tamil or dravidean people give importance to grammer of kings and their code of conducts. Even after this warning, Thondi didn't yield to his grandpa. In order to punish him and keep him away from kingsdom administration, He, Karikalan driven and given him the region called Kanchivaram. This region was named after Thondi and latter called Thodamandalam of Chola.The descendent of these are called Pallavas. Pallam in Tamil means, far below the hills who reached below the values of moral characters who indulged illegal sexual life with Cholas palace servants. This Thondi, didn't listen to his grandpa, but the slave girl was as his queen. The descendents of these Thondi and slave girl were called Pallavas.Thus the name Pallavas came in existence. Therfore Kurumbas and Kurubas of Tamils or Karanatakas were not of Pallavas. Pallavas were of Chola descendents. But Pallavas were of Tamils.

Mamallar or Devendra Kulathar

The above caste is considered one of the scheduled castes in Tamilnadu called Pallar. Devendra kulathar was their common title and belief that they were descendents of Lord Indira. Mamallar was their belief that they were great rulers of Tamils of Chera, Chola and Pandiya. The archological evidence of Mahpulipuram(Not Mahabalipuram) amd Mamalla puram were built by these great Pallavas, named after their great forefathers. Why they named as Mamalla puram. Why did not name it in others dynasty. Was it to the glory of Mamallar or as to bring back the glory of their great grand parents. Ex chief Minister of Tamilnadu and Cong President Mr Kamaraj brought this Pallar community/caste in to scheduled caste during 1961 when he was C. M of Tamilnadu Otherwise they are poor backward caste.

Now what is the relation between Pallavas, Mamallar and Devendra Kulathar.

To answer these question, one has to go through latest or Third Tamil Sangams literature, called Pallu Pattu. There were 99 PalluPattu written in many parts of Tamil nadu during the period of Krishna deverayor and his followers of naickers rule in Tamil nadu between 1600-late 1800.No doubt and no Tamil scholars will repute the famous third Sangams literature about Pallu Pattu. Pallu Pattu were written by many poests under the command of Telugu naickers rulers. Before the Naickers rule they were called Mamallar or malla as acknowledge by Kambar in Kambaramayanam, 12th century. Kambar addressed these communities were warriors and agricultural farm owners. Karikala cholan brough many farm workers from malayalam to control the flood of river Cauvery, called Kaikolar and vellalar who worked as farm workers to control the furious flood of river Cauvery. They setteled down in Tamil nadu in large and they work under farm lords of these mallar. Enimity between these community sprang up and latter political map changed. When Krishna Devarayor conquererd Pandiyas with the help of cunning farm workers and dance and musical workers of cholas and who sided with Deverayers. Thus a great mallar caste fallen in to the false prey of these cunning castes and lost their importance.These low class communities became big in Naickers rule and one of the guy from dance and musician community became prime or first administrator of naickers who cunningly brought the rules of paying tax to government. The tax was too heavy that the farm owners could nat pay. Then interest grew alarmingly and added to their head. This kept continued and over a period the whole family became a farm worker and slave after a period of few decades. All naickers followed these advise. Why they were too cruel to these mallars. Because these mallars were called cholas, pandiyas and chera who conquered all parts of India and subdued many Telugus and Karnatakas. So Krishna Deverayor and his followers of Naickers had enimity and revenge these mallars. Naickers succeeded to see that all mallars lost their prosperities and became politically and economically weak. That was the time the name Mallar was forcefully changed to pallan or Pallars. It means fallen below the deep fathom of sea, Pallam. People of mallar later addressed as Pallan or Pallar or Pallavan.This was addressed by all poets who wrote this Pallu Pattu , containing many songs of each. Those poets were admitted that the name change was due to the influence of ruling clans and their supportive people are Kaikolars and vellala pillai. The period was between 1600-late 1700. Later British came didn't disturb the caste set up.One of the prime minister of naickers, Ariyanath mudali devised to rule entire tamils by 72 palayam of whom over 40 palayam were given to Telugus and remaining were shared by these supportive people of pillai and mudalis. Once a devadasi community became master of true Tamils and subdued all caste and communities.This is the reason the proverb reminds us as " Kallar, Maravar, Kanthathor Ahmudian, melle melle vathathor vella mudali's melonakiya kathaiyai kelayo" . This proverb and saying was interepreted by many to suite their interest.It means that few communities became high level by supporting ruling clans. There were communities subdued by these are Nadars declared as Shanan, Kallar as thieves, Muthiraiyor as valaiyan and declared them as lower caste. If any one has any doubt about this "Pallu Pattu", please go and read atleast one Pallu Pattu by Thirunelveli Adeenam who published and brought these fact before every one. Also read Hindustan Times publication during 1982 and Indian Express publication in 1988. All claims that Pallar or devendara kulathar are real descendent of mamallar of Chera, Chola, Pandiya and Pallavas.

Hail Hinduism and Pallavas


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  3. this is totally false propaganda.... pallavas are not SC pallars.... your speaks of complete stupidity.. Pallars are present only in southern tamilnadu(only five districts)... kingdom of pallavas is mainly situated in noth tamilnadu(7 or 8 districts)... fools.. lies.. pallavas are vanniyars of north tamilnadu.. who are majority in all these 7 district of north tamilnadu...